Alison Alexander

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Welcome to my blog.  I am a Brisbane-based food consultant and the inaugural Queensland Food Fellow. This is a first for me so please steer me in the right direction if I seem to not understand some of the intricacies of operating this animal.  I hope not to show up my incapacities and lack of computer skills too often – so embarrassing!

This blog is intended primarily to be an information source of all things connected with food.  It will concentrate on Queensland in particular but will also take in events and news from anywhere else.

I hope to cover a wide range of food activities including events, dinners, tours, newsletters and other blogs and hope you will share your food stories with me.  If there is a new crop emerging, an innovative product being made, an exciting tour to a near or far location, I will pass on the information.

I will not be presenting restaurant reviews but may write about restaurants visited along with food outlets, farmer’s markets or food trails travelled.

Photography is not my strong point so I will not crowd this blog with too many of my efforts but I will include recipes and some pics will be added.  All photographs will be mine unless acknowledged.

I look forward to sharing many stories with you about the ever changing landscape of food.

13 thoughts on “About

  1. Alison, can I substitute almond flour for ‘ordinary’ flour. If so would it be the same amount or differ?

    • Hello Virginia
      I must apologise for this late reply to your query.
      If you replace all almond meal for SR flour the cake will be quite dense. try half almond meal and half SR flour. This flour can be gluten-free and it will work. Another option is to make a syrup to pour over the cake if it is a bit dense. At this time of the year maybe some grated orange zest in the cake and an orange syrup to serve with it.
      I hope this is useful.

  2. Hi Alison, I think you are the same person I love listening to, on ABC radio?
    Did you mention something called a Pantry Chicken recently? EG pot pouri for pantry? I thought you said you purchased one at a pop up shop Buy from Bush? Have just returned home fron that store in New Farm but they did not have any. Can you suggest where else I might try? Many thanks Carol

    • Hello Carol

      I have only just now seen your question about the Pantry Chooks which you sent December 2020 and I apologise for not replying. For some unknown reason, well to me anyway, I was not able to access the comments page during this year. Unfortunately I’m not good at understanding computers!
      I can help you with Pantry Chooks for this Christmas if you are still interested and happy to talk to you. My phone number is 0419743532.

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